B.Ed., M.Ed., 5x Certified Lash Technician
Mint Studio + Supply Director + Educator

Fueled by my passion for excellence in beauty services and my extensive teaching background, I’ve linked my two favourite gigs into one fulfilling and challenging career: offering others a fantastic opportunity through my lash extensions courses in Saskatoon and area.

I offer learner-driven education and hands-on experience to ensure that you find success in my courses. I promise:

  • ongoing student support
  • connections to cutting-edge technician products and materials
  • enthusiasm for tailoring your personal goals to strengthen your learning experience

Why bring competition into my own market?

The answer is simple

I’m a firm believer in having accessible and affordable options for advancing skill sets and diversifying incomes.

I possess several years of University-level education, obtaining two degrees. My Master’s Degree has fueled opportunities that would challenge me to empower women in becoming entrepreneurs.

There’s no time like the present, and taking my leap into the lash industry has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.


What are you waiting for? Maybe you want to:

  • Choose where, when, and who you work for
  • Customize your work settings and income level
  • Retire from your job
  • Enjoy a side hustle
  • Add lash extensions to your existing beauty services menu
  • Sign up for one of my courses + find out how easy this is as a lash artist. This opportunity is unbeatable!

Join me for your own personal journey. I can’t wait to lash with you and watch you grow as a Certified Lash Technician!